Collie Hillclimb

Updated Feb 2021

Rank Driver Vehicle Lap Time
1 Aaron Stevenson VY Maloo Ute 00:59.255
2 Matt James-Wallace Nissan GT-R 00:59.959
3 Matt Waters Holden CV8 Monaro 01:01.057
4 Mike Clynk ( VH ) Holden Commodore SS 01:02.447
5 Mike Miller Holden Commodore SS 01:03.211
6 Mike Burke FORD FOCUS RS 01:03.296
7 Kirk Beardwood BMW E30 01:03.553
8 Chad Reeves VX GTS 01:03.908
9 Aidan Gould Honda Civic 01:04.636
10 Douglas Stevenson VY Maloo Ute 01:05.627
11 Jamie Gilbert HSV VE Clubsport R8 01:05.856
12 Keith Hawley Chevrolet Corvette C 01:06.555
13 Craig Hawley Lexus IS 600 01:06.594
14 Luke Marsland HSV VT Clubsport 01:07.086
15 Clint James Holden CV8 Monaro 01:07.186
16 Desmond Leeder Toyota MR2 AW11 01:07.474
17 David Armstrong Holden VP SS 01:07.965
18 Adrian Scharenguivel Holden VF 01:08.075
19 David Egan HSV VE HSV 01:08.805
20 Don Cameron Subaru Impreza WRX S 01:09.082
21 Richard Cox Toyota MR2 01:09.627
22 Mike Oliver VX Clubsport 01:11.038
23 Darren Wiese VE Holden Commodore 01:11.061
24 Daniel Manester HSV Clubsport R8 01:11.164
25 Andrew Hough VZ Clubsport 01:12.004
26 Graham Terry Holden VE SS Commodore 01:12.336
27 Donald Cameron Subaru Impreza WRX S 01:12.775
28 Greg Allen Holden CV8Z MONARO 01:14.758
29 Roger Collinge Mazda MX5 01:15.924
30 Barry Manester Holden VY SS 01:17.250
31 John Slater Holden Crewman VZ SS 01:24.586

Results have been collated from publically available electronic data only, and verified against HSVOCWA official results. The HSVOCWA makes no guarantee of the data's accuracy or completeness. If you believe your lap time should be included, but it isn't, or if the stated lap time is incorrect, it is your responsibility to provide sufficient substantiation to allow the Management Committee to determine the validity of your claim

Lap times published in these tables are taken from official published results for HSVOCWA events. Times recorded by other Club Members or Day Members participating at our events, or non-compliant HSV Club Member vehicles are excluded from these Leaderboard tables. 



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